Why am I here?

I bet it has something to do with light

This is my very first Blog Post so I thought I’d make the most of a good opportunity to organise my thoughts and decide what my intentions are for this page.

The purpose for this page is two-fold really, although I’m not yet sure which is the primary goal and which is secondary. One objective  is to use this page as an assessment tool for the MA in Creative Media that I’m currently attending, another is to become a better artist (whatever that might mean).

I recently completed a freelance project where my client asked me to produce 3D CGI renders that looked photo-realistic. In the pursuit of photorealism I produced these images:

(Original versions available here)

Whilst I’m not overly disappointed with the result, one can still determine that the content of the images is unreal, computer generated. Considering that in blockbuster films with blockbuster budgets, one can still identify which elements of the film are CGI and which are real, my own renders are not a bad result. Despite this though, I can’t help but feel that they could have been better.

I now find myself asking the question: what is that makes an image look ‘real’? How does one discern what is photographed and what it is CGI? Perhaps if I started a blog-page, a person, not unlike yourself, browsing the net, might just leave a comment containing the answer? My guess is that if such a comment was left, it would have something to do with light.

In the more likely event that I’ll have to find out for myself, I expect that exploring how the human eye works and how the brain interprets the signals received from the eye should provide some clues. I’d wager that I’ll get even closer to the answer by exploring how cameras work, after all, it’s not real life that I’m trying to emulate, it’s realism as found in a photograph. What ever the answer is, it must surely have something to do with light… mustn’t it?

If I can convince an audience that something I have produced entirely in 3D is a photograph of a real world object, then this study will have been successful.

Watch this space


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