Where am I going?

Last night I made a post about What I hoped to achieve with this page, it seems to make good sense then that my next post be about How I intend to achieve it.

Although I have already collated a number of research materials, available on the Links page, I’ve not as yet read through them. Not because I’m a lazy student, but because I believe I might get better results by working this out for myself, hoping to develop personal insight through my own experiments, rather than prescribing to formulas derived by somebody else.

I believe that rather than arriving at a finite end, this mode of study has the potential to continue indefinitely. Despite this, it is expected that a natural transition will occur where consulting the findings of other practitioners makes more sense than continuing with the experiments.

Yesterday, I speculated that the answer to achieving photorealism in CGI was hidden in light, biology, and cameras. This hypothesis wasn’t just plucked randomly out of the air and is something I’ve been thinking about for years, albeit without a great deal of focus. Perhaps, before embarking on this exploration, I should evaluate the things I already know?

Once again, watch this space…


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