Replicating Digital Imaging Artifacts

Throughout this process of trying to emulate reality I have speculated that it is not the real world that should be emulated, but realism as found in a photograph. To this end I have attempted to replicate some of the artifacts that occur in digital photography in order to improve my previous best attempt at replicating reality.

The Image ‘Without Post-Processing‘ shows the previous attempt at achieving photorealism.

In the image ‘Camera Artefacts‘ I have added some chromatic aberration (The red fringe on the edge of the balls), I have scaled the image up and down, compressed it and decompressed it, and used run length encoding to degrade the quality of the image, and have also added some noise. All of these effects would occur naturally when working with digital photographs.

In addition to this I have also desaturated the image and adjusted the colour balance to make the highlights a little more blue. The benefits of this are that all of these changes affect the entire image, not just the 3D elements. As both the background and the 3D elements have been affected by the same processing, it becomes more difficult for the eye to distinguish between the two forms of media.

For reference, the original photograph has been included also.

Whilst there is not as much noise or chromatic aberration in the reference image, when comparing the two artificial images, it is the image with the added artifacts that is most convincing.


5 thoughts on “Replicating Digital Imaging Artifacts

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