Modelling the Antagonist

It’s been a little quiet on my blog of late although this is not to say that things haven’t been happening in the background. In fact, the creative juices have been flowing in equal measure to the weather we’ve had recently.

About a year ago, I realised that all of this 3D stuff is pretty cool, but is without any real purpose. To this end I have been developing an animation that hopes to achieve something good for the world. It’s become an enormous project and is beyond the scope of this blog, but suffice to say that my pursuit of realism is made with the intention of producing an animation looks real.

During a discussion on 29/10/12, one of the university lecturers suggested that any work I produced from here on in should be less generic and better tailored to developing this animation, so this is what I’ve been doing, hence the period of inactivity on the blog.

Not wishing to go into too much detail regarding the animation (This would require an entire blog, watch this space), I’ll say as little as I can to give the reader an understanding how the current work relates to the animation.

The animation primarily features a protagonist (a hero), and an antagonist (a villain), which in this case are both cats. Throughout the story they come across other characters that befit a cat’s world, such as caterpillars and spiders.

The protagonist lives in a lush green forest surrounded by waterfalls, singing birds and all things befitting a fairy tale. The animation below shows an early test of a caterpillar in this environment.


The antagonist lives in an isolated and derelict world that is falling apart. I had found a crumbling old shed to film him in but unfortunately the premises has been auctioned and I no longer have access to this venue. In search of a new venue to film the antagonist I paid a visit to the old Ferodo factory in Caernarfon, the photographs I took are available on my facebook photo album.

In my previous post I discussed the benefits of Adding Artifacts to Animation and demonstrated how motion blur helps to create the illusion of realism. This animation had an ulterior motive, I was experimenting with a new environment for my antagonist.

I captured numerous videos and HDR environments that weekend with the intention of finding a free 3D cat model on the internet and experimenting with both sub surface scattering and animating a cat. However, I realised that the time it would take to create realistic textures for the cat, I would be better creating the 3D models for the final animation myself.  The problem is that modelling is not one of my strengths as I have dedicated far more time to the study of lighting and rendering. Nevertheless, here’s my progress so far:

Antagonist progress

Antagonist progress

Although it’s coming along, it’s taking me far too long and I’m worried about the module deadlines. I felt it best to share what I’d been doing and check my progress towards objectives to make sure I’m not falling behind. To keep things readable, I shall do this in a separate post.


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