Progress Towards Learning Outcomes

As was previously mentioned, I am going to address my objectives for satisfying the learning outcomes to ensure that they are all being achieved.

Learning Outcome 1

“Plan, structure and develop a project proposal making reflective evaluation of the project with regard to critical contexts influencing its direction.”

Objective Achieved?
Produce a plan  
Consider key dates  
Produce a brain storm  
Product a Gantt chart  
Develop a logical approach to the project  
Plan what working methods will be adopted  
Plan what deliverables will be produced for assessment  
Plan what research materials to consult  
Prioritise which objectives are achievable within the allocated time  
Adopt reflective practice  
Reflect on findings to date as milestones are achieved  
Produce interim plans  
Reflect on creative practice to date and allow this to inform a proposal  
Write a proposal that includes all of these points  
Produce a learning contract  
Refer to the plans (plan, Gantt chart, proposal, brain storm, contract etc) at regular intervals to ensure the project remains focussed and learning outcomes are being satisfied within the given timeframe.  
Negotiate the proposal  

Learning Outcome 2

“Demonstrate informed personal insight and creative imagination through critical analysis of studio practice using appropriate media, materials, techniques and process.”

Objective Achieved?
Conduct my own experiments  
Make observations  
Observe how light acts in the real world  
Develop the above as primary modes of practice in order to facilitate the development of personal insight  
Study the mechanisms and biology that allow the human brain to interpret instructions received from the eye  
Study photography and how a digital image is captured  
Produce 3D CGI renders and compare them to photographs  
Reflect on own practice  
Evaluate studio work  
Conduct a survey  
Trial and Error  
Compare results of own findings to research done by other practitioners  
Attempt to further this research and innovate new research  
Ensure the modes of study are appropriate  
Demonstrate personal insight by sharing own working methods in the public domain  

Learning Outcome 3

“Apply and justify research methods to investigate new directions, concepts and problems and elements of risk in specialist practice.”

Objective Achieved?
Perform research in many areas, as has been identified in this brain storm.  
Attend workshops  
Justify which research materials will be consulted and when  
Promote or seek input from other practitioners  
Ensure research helps to give the project a new direction  
Ensure research helps the projects to tackle new concepts and problems  
Ensure the research carries an element of risk  
Compare results of own findings to research done by other practitioners  
Attempt to further this research and innovate new research  


Measuring my progress towards the learning outcomes has been a useful task as it has identified that by adhering to my plan to objectives are being met and that I should now begin my research.

It has identified that I should begin researching biology and how the human eye works and the digital imaging process and how a photograph is captured. However, it has also identified that any research conducted should help the project to take new directions. As I have already replicated artefacts created by the digital imaging process, it seems that I no longer need to perform research in this area, that my own observations are research enough.

My next tasks are to produce a research plan, conduct my research, compare the research of others to my own, evaluate my findings, and finally produce a body of work that demonstrates what this project has been about.


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