First Research Update

As I began reading up on research from other practitioners I was pleased to find that my own ‘hunches’ were well placed.

In a research paper on Photorealistic Rendering with V‐ray (2007), Anja Rackwitz and Markus Sterner discuss the nature of real light, colour profiles, global illumination, high dynamic range imaging and perception psychology.

According to Rackwitz and Sterner, when you ask someone in the 3D business what they think will make a picture more realistic, the answer is almost every time: “irregularity, dirt, grain” or “imperfect makes perfect”. This echoes my own observations that everything that comes out of the 3D render engine is too clean and crisp without some kind of processing.

I had planned on spending the day reading the paper in its entirety but as luck would have it I needed to pop into town to see to some chores. As I walked past the news agents I decided to pop in and have a look at the 3D magazines. I’m not usually a fan of magazines as I often find their limited space means that nothing gets covered in sufficient depth. It’s worth a look I thought, you never know, there just might be one with an article on photorealism. Loh and Behold, a single copy of 3D Artist magazine sat on the shelf with a big bold typeface on the front cover; “Photoreal 3D”. What are the chances of that? 😀

3D Artist Magazine

3D Artist Magazine

The magazine is available here and contains a 15 hour tutorial by Modo and Zbrush artist Dmitry Denisov. Looks like I know what I’ll be doing for the next couple of days then 🙂

In the meantime, here’s an update on character modelling for my animation. The base mesh for the ears is ‘finished’ and I’ve made a start on the mouth.

Character Modelling Update

progress Update


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