Been gone too long

Wow! It’s been one month and a day since my last post! Have I really been ill that long? Well, not entirely, I did spend some time over Christmas allowing my batteries to recharge, and there was the excellent New Year’s party, but for the most part, December was spent lying on the sofa, tucked up under a quilt with lots of honey, orange and other ‘natural’ remedies. Despite being bound to the sofa, on December 10th we had formative assessments.

For the formative assessment I prepared a Prezi presentation that justified, summarised and evaluated the project to date. The lecturers seemed impressed with what I had achieved but have are concerned that I’m concentrating too much on the technical aspects and not enough on the creative. I felt that this was a fair comment as I had made a conscious decision to focus on the technical.

Written feedback received presented the following question: “Is it better to show limited aspects of the job completed to a very high standard rather than to achieve a lower standard across a much broad set of work?” My response to this is that neither option is better. Instead I aim achieve a very high standard across the broad set of work. In order to achieve this I feel that I need to focus on one aspect at a time rather than trying to juggle all of the different aspects at the same time. This will allow me to ensure quality and completion of each stage before moving onto another.

Now fully recovered from the bug (although my partner is spending today in the bathroom so I might not be recovered for long) I need to evaluate my progress and identify what objectives are still outstanding.

Important Dates

Below is a list of important dates that will influence the project.

Task Name Duration Start Finish
Module launch 81 days 01/10/12 21/01/13
Write a proposal 2 days 01/10/12 02/10/12
Reflect on practice to date 2 days 08/10/12 09/10/12
Lighting workshop 1 day 08/10/12 08/10/12
Produce a plan 2 days 14/10/12 15/10/12
Studio Work 32 days 15/10/12 27/11/12
Revaluate learning outcomes 1 day 17/10/12 17/10/12
Produce a brain storm 1 day 21/10/12 21/10/12
Camera workshop 1 day 22/10/12 22/10/12
Write a structured plan to satisfy learning outcomes 2 days 24/10/12 25/10/12
Produce a Gantt chart 1 day 28/10/12 28/10/12
F-Stops, ISO and Shutter speed workshop 1 day 29/10/12 29/10/12
Tutorial booked 1 day 29/10/12 29/10/12
Learning contract review 1 day 29/10/12 29/10/12
Film language workshop 1 day 05/11/12 05/11/12
Study trip 7 days 12/11/12 20/11/12
Research application module begins 1 day 19/11/12 19/11/12
Summarise findings to date 3 days 22/11/12 25/11/12
Learning contract review 1 day 26/11/12 26/11/12
Produce a research plan 1 day 27/11/12 27/11/12
Research 8 days 28/11/12 07/12/12
Prepare for formative assessment 2 days 07/12/12 09/12/12
Summarise research 6 days 07/12/12 14/12/12
Formative assessment 1 day 10/12/12 10/12/12
Apply research to practice and produce a body of work 21 days 10/12/12 06/01/13
Produce a poster 6 days 07/01/13 13/01/13
Poster presentation 1 day 14/01/13 14/01/13
Mop up 5 days 15/01/13 20/01/13
Summative assessment 1 day 21/01/13 21/01/13

A Gantt chart has been produced to show progression against these dates. This is available here: Project Management Gantt Chart

The source file that produced the Gantt chart above is also available as a Microsoft Project Download.